My name is Luca. I develop refrigerators. Here, I implement new technologies to decrease the material and production cost. This is technical, fact- and figure-oriented. However, it is also super creative and people-oriented. In order to find and then implement solutions together with the different stakeholders I need creativity and empathy.

Two skills that are also fundamental for my second passion: portrait photography.
Through my photos I love to capture the emotions of people that I see and sense in them.
The connection and the mutual trust that develops in doing so fascinates me.

My third big passion is travelling. Ideally by bike or hitchhiking. Both are great ways for me to get to know the people and their country. This supplied me with wonderful, spontaneous photo options. Light and mood happened to be right. I documented what I saw and feel.

My photography journey kept evolving. Now, I am planning my photo shoots together with the model. I actively seek out the right natural light and create the space needed to capture honest, deep and unique portraits. My goal is to show you as you are.

In this way, I experience everybody to be photogenic.

Are you curious to find out if that’s also true for you?

.. then get in touch and we create your unique portrait together 😉




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